Well. where do I start?

I was either 3 or 4. can’t remember.

When I first saw a Gameboy as a kid, and the fact that it was portable was incredible at the time.

Now I can play games on the go instead of being bored and stuck sitting around while my mom did her shopping.

What really got my attention was the original Gameboy box. It had a 3D grid field in the background, a lot like the world in the Tron movies.

Seeing that grid field was like seeing a video game world I could explore one day. All the possibilities my little child mind thought was all the cool things I could do in that grid field. (Garfield, haha) and that little red outline of a man’s head on the lower right side of the box that shows if the game was one or two player compatible was the most coolest thing I’d ever seen in my life (at the time. it might of been 1993. go figure.) That little red outline man was something I aspired to be when I was older. I wanted to live in a video game. back then I knew nothing about the original tron movie, but using the same concept of Tron, my 3 year old mind thought someday I could live in a digital world and live a life of pure bliss. running around as a neon outline.. and that’s it. That’s all I wanted. Thinking back on it now that sounds retarded.

I got in trouble for acting up at the store one day. And when I say ‘trouble’ I mean impending beating was imminent. I remember crying like a little bitch, throwing a toddler temper tantrum. I had to be carried out the store and into the car for being so shitty. My ass was beaten when I got home.

I might of mentioned in ‘Growing up with Sega‘ that Christmas I got a Sega. I lied. It was a gift for my brother. But I know for a fact the Gameboy was a Christmas gift. These memories were so early, I remember getting my diaper wearing ass wiped and then getting a Gameboy under the Christmas tree. It was glorious. (Who the fuck gives a 3 year old a Gameboy?)


I got Dr. Mario and a Tom and Jerry game based from that crap movie ‘Tom and Jerry: the movie’ for the Gameboy.. (A few years later in elementary school I would trade Tom and Jerry with another kid for Super Mario Land. one sided trade, right?) At the time I was obsessed with the original Tom and Jerry old school cartoons.

Overall I didn’t care what the games were. The only thing that mattered was that I had a Gameboy. I was in my carefree child world. I don’t really remember unwrapping anything, I just remember there was a bow on the box. Remember the N64 kid? That was me with this Gameboy, except you know, A few years before that even happened. B4 the N64.

It was the greatest moment in my 3 years of age. Everything was almost perfect…


Except for the fact that there WEREN’T ANY FUCKIN BATTERIES.

Look at this shit. 4 AA Batteries.

It was pretty disappointing.



And then I remember the first time I brought my Gameboy with me somewhere.

When it would start up, the words ‘Nintendo’ would slowly scroll down from the top of the green liquid crystal screen to the center, and do that iconic chime beep that was a part of my childhood days.

When I was still too young to go to school, I stayed at home with my grandparents. And since the Gameboy wasn’t a home console but a battery powered hand held it would consume batteries like crazy. When I was 4, batteries were as valuable as gold to me. I would go around the house taking batteries out of the wall clocks and flashlights to play my Gameboy. I think my parents got sick of it. So one day when we went to a Goodwill, we just so happened to find a Gameboy A/C adapter. No it wasn’t the official Nintendo adapter. It was a 3rd party adapter. My battery stealing days were soon to be over.

Now that one issue was solved, there was another one.

One thing I wont forget would be the lighting on the Gameboy, it was simply awful. I would open the front door to our house and the screen mesh door would let in a lot of sunlight. So I would sit and lean against the door with the sun beaming down on me and my Gameboy, which was perfect. There was an plug outlet behind the door. A/C plugged in, sun light to light up my Gameboy screen, it was great. Only bad thing about it was when the sun shifted around the mid afternoon and my natural Gameboy lighting would be gone. I spent a lot of my kid days playing my Gameboy with the natural sunlight. which I guess was a good thing because when the sunlight would go over the house, I knew it was time to stop playing the Gameboy. I unknowingly made myself a schedule.

I mean I could of always played it inside, but nothing else would beat the experience of playing with natural sunlight, that warm feeling from the sun. I really miss these days, no care in the world at all.

I think I played Kirby’s dreamland and Kirby’s dreamland 2 the most. I’ll do a post on that eventually.

Until next time,

Mr. Pert.



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