Rivals of Aether: Wrastor Poster & Graphic Skin Bundle Set


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    Rivals of Aether Poster & Graphic Skin Bundle Set, by our Limited Edition Artist: Eric Y. Huang! This Exclusive Bundle features characters featured in the Rivals of Aether franchise. Each poster is printed with HD quality (300 DPI) on premium glossy photo paper. As to where our controller skins are baked with the same quality and care as our posters! Upon your purchase, easy to follow instructions will be provided on how to apply your controller skin!

    With this Official Rivals of Aether Poster & Graphic Skin Bundle Set, a FREE borderless print option is offered. A deal too good to pass up!

    This bundle set comes with a 13 x 19 poster & your choice of a GameCube, PS4, or XboxOne controller graphic skin.

    - Please select a controller skin for your bundle skin purchase!

    *Required - Select if you would like your 13 x 19 poster print to be bordered OR borderless!

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    "Regardless if it's an exclusive, commissioned, or custom, each of our poster products are baked with HD quality, all at a Muffintastic price!" -Mr. Pert

    All graphics are contracted with the artists that you see throughout our business. These artists have given us the opportunity to bring their designs to our poster products for customers and gamers LIKE YOU! We hope you enjoy what you see and please contact us through our social media or email for something that you can't find on our shop!
    -MuffinBros Graphics

    Processing & Shipping Info:

    -Your order will be processed and shipped out within (1-2) weeks prior to the date of your completed transaction! You can't rush high-quality baking!
    -Once your order is completed, you WILL receive a USPS TRACKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL for your order from muffinbros.com!
    -Poster & Skin Bundle Set will be shipped together in a poster tube container.
    *All orders received will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.


    ***ALL sales are final after 24 hours of your graphic order with MuffinBros!***

    ***ALL Exclusive/Limited Edition graphic artwork is contracted between the stated artist & MuffinBros of the stated product. Redistribution and/or theft of this artwork, of any kind without permission, will not be tolerated.***


  • An OFFICIAL product of Rivals of Aether, sold proudly here and by MuffinBros Graphics!

  • Follow Eric Y Huang Here:

    Art created by one of our Limited Edition Artists - Eric Y Huang!

    Twitter - @yxg_e
    Instagram - @yxg_e

    Check out our Limited Edition Artist section for more information and about our artists! Even contact them for a personal commission!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 13 x .01 x 19 in