Lavender – Paint & Play Controller (Full Body)


Welcome to our Paint Shop! Featuring the Lavender – Paint & Play Controller job!

Want a painted controller BUT you want a professional to paint your personal controller? Or how about ordering a new controller with a Muffintastic paint job? Well we have you covered!

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    -Our Process-

    1. You place and complete your order with us here at MuffinBros.
    2. You ship your controller to us (unless you order a new one from us!)
    3. We professionally provide our paint service to the controller casing.
    4. Once completed, we ship your order back in a safe and secure packaging!

    All paint jobs AND clear coating jobs come with a professional grade paint application with an everlasting-transparent coat sealant to keep your controller in top and presentation no, matter where you go. All paint orders come with a one-year warranty to ensure that your experience with us is a Muffintastic one.
    -ALL Paint Product purchases take 2-4 weeks to complete!

    "Your business with MuffinBros is very important to us, but the controller we service holds a higher level of importance as we complete the paint job to the fullest."
    -Mr. Pert, Product Manager of MuffinBros Graphics

    -Have a specific paint color request you'd like for your controller? Then email Mr. Pete here:

    • 35 $

    Customer Controller Terms & Policy

    MuffinBros "Paint Shop" Terms & Policy:

    • ALL paint orders will have a 2-5 week processing timeframe.

    • ALL controllers are shipped back securely and safely with our official PayPal USPS Shipping & Tracking system. You will be notified/updated upon completion of your order with MuffinBros with our automated email system and our PayPal USPS Shipping notification system.

    • Return shipping price is stated to ALL paint products via check-out.


    • You are responsible for shipping your controller to the stated address to our MuffinBros base location. Shipping address is provided via your order email. (Delay in shipping your controller will delay your order!)

    • You may OR may not provide us a tracking number via USPS/UPS, but please ensure that you ship your controller to us within the week of the placed paint order. If emailing, please forward your tracking info to with:

      -Subject Line: First & Last name with MuffinBros order number.
      -USPS/UPS Tracking URL link of shipped personal controller.
    • IF there is any exterior damages/scratches that your controller has received BEFORE placing your paint order with us, we will do our best to buff and refurbish the exterior shell to provide the best presentation of your controller AND of our paint service.

    • Repairs will NOT be included with your paint order. Sorry!

    • All controller parts/pieces from the controller will be collected neatly before the painting & coating process.

    • All controller parts/pieces from the controller will be placed back 100% after the painting & coating process is complete. (Unless requested otherwise).


    -Once you place your order you will receive a special note with our shipping address, in your order email, for you to send your controller to us in Houston, TX!
    (Return shipping cost of ALL paint shop controller orders are stated at check-out)

    1. You can ship in a bubble mailer OR a medium shipping box.
      (1st priority mailing is not necessary)
    2. Please leave your cord unwrapped when packing the controller.
      (Long-term wire tension will change the wire’s neutral position when cord is wrapped during a long period of time.)
    3. IF possible, please wipe off as much grime/dirt/grease as you can before shipping the controller.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 2.5 x 5.5 x 4 in


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