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    This is a "Graphic Skin" that you apply onto your controller with our professional-quality printing and high end vinyl ingredients to freshly preserve the design when baked! An adhesive bonding material resides on the back of the vinyl, which allows the skin to bond and stick to your controller completely with the security of long-lasting presentation!

    "Regardless if it's an exclusive, commissioned, or custom graphic skin, each of our controller skin products are baked with HD quality, all at a Muffintastic price!" -Mr. Pert

    • All skins come with durable lamination with extreme durability and completely waterproof!
    • Ships in a safe and secure, small mailing package.


    Our customizer allows YOU to orientate your very own graphic skin. Be sure to SAVE your skin once you are finished with your masterpiece! Be sure to take your time and get it just right before you check out!

    Processing & Shipping Info:

    -Your order will be processed and shipped out within (1-2) weeks prior to the date of your completed transaction! You can't rush high-quality baking!
    -Once your order is completed, you WILL receive a USPS TRACKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL for your order from!
    *All orders received will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.



    ***ALL sales are final after 3O minutes of the graphic order with MuffinBros!***


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