PartnershipsThis is where we show our Muffintastic pleasure to say "THANK YOU" to all of our professional supporters.

Smash United:

Smash United is Houston's premiere destination for Super Smash Bros. content, from local events, regional tournaments and streaming media.

From every corner of Houston, the people that run great weekly series such as Smash at the Dojo, Tech That, West Houston Smash, and Smash Fight Club have come together to form Smash United. Smash United is the first concerted effort by Houston area tournament organizers to come together and bring unity to a scene that has long been fractured and divided by fruitless debates. By becoming a new center of tournaments, large and small, for ALL games within the Smash Bros. series and live-streaming them to the world, Smash United aims to give the talented players of Houston more exposure in the national scene with a new home for professional, high-quality Smash Bros. events.

FX Game Exchange & Let’s Play Gaming EXPO 2016:

FX Game Exchange hosts many gaming events and tournaments at our Plano, Texas location including weekly Smash Tournaments, The Retro Gamer Hootenany, Free Video Game Day and a number of charity events.

LPGE 2016-
After an overwhelmingly successful debut, we are excited to announce the second Let’s Play Gaming Expo for 2016. This year’s Expo will return to the Plano Centre in Plano, Texas on June 18-19, 2016.

Inspired by the YouTube “Let’s Play” videos, the Let’s Play Gaming Expo celebrates everything that is gaming. Our second year will feature all the things you loved from last year, only bigger and better! 85+ vendors, more indie developers,90+ Arcade cabinets, a national Smash Bros Tournament, the only regional Tetris World Championship Qualifier, Retro Game Tournaments, including one for a brand new exclusive Nintendo Power Pad homebrew, the return of our two player, projected Virtual Boy, a Minecraft tournament hosted by Microsoft, Video Game Panels, and of course Special Guests.

Uplift eSports:

Founded by three alumni of the University of Texas at San Antonio and past presidents of its eSports Community, the creators of tournaments such as Sorcery and IRL 2015 have come together to create Uplift eSports. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Uplift is an organization dedicated to reinvigorating video game tournaments in the Lone Star State with the experience, dedication and passion that attendees have come to expect from their past work. Through live-streaming, video production and excellent events, Uplift plans to create a home not just for tournaments in Texas, but for eSports as a whole.