How To Make Money Online: Part 1

(A lot of people have been asking me this question and I don’t feel like repeating myself on all the details so I plan to answer the question in a series of blog posts.) 


I’m sure this has been said everywhere by a ton of people.

‘You can make money online by following these simple steps!’

And then you look into it and it’s just a bullshit step by step guide on how to resell crap no one cares about or how you can make a ton of money using Google Adsense.

Nowadays everyone has AdBlock installed on their browsers.

It doesn’t work today.

I’m sure it made money back in the days of the 2000’s, but people have gotten smarter when it comes to catching on to an ad.

People hate ads. I hate ads.

Wanna know a secret?

Something a lot of people don’t know is that making money with a blog is today’s gold rush.

You’re probably thinking ‘Oh Mr. Pert, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Only hipsters and vegans make blogs.‘ or something along those lines.

That’s exactly why it’s a nice little secret. People don’t think you can make money with a blog.

Perfect. That means more for us in this modern day gold mine. Less people involved means less competition.

Forget about SEO, Email lists, Social media and whatever else.

All you really need to do is just make really good content.

Timeless content.

If I was to write about a trend, political meme or a current song of today, do you think it would hold up a year from now? How about 5 years from now? If I were to make a blog like that, a lot of the posts on whatever is trending would have an expiration date.

This goes the same for videos/Vlogs on Youtube. When was the last time you heard something about the Numa Numa guy? Or even the Rage guy Memes?

You don’t see a lot of people use this meme anymore, do you?

It’s there if you look for it but it’s no where near as popular as it once was.

So how do you actually make money on the internet with a blog?

There are a few ways.

1:Affiliate links

Never heard of this before? Let me explain.

An affiliate program is usually hosted by a large online shop/retailer who lets people register as an affiliate to help advertise the products they sell.

They let you cherry pick products individually.

So just write about whatever you’re going to write but if you get the chance to sprinkle in some affiliate links, (I use Amazon affiliates) do it.

Lets just say if you’re talking about potatoes in a post or something, you can mention a potato peeler you’ve personally used. You don’t try to hard sell it or anything. People hate that. I hate that too.

For the hell of it, here’s an affiliate link for the Microsoft wireless mouse I’m currently using on my Surface Pro as I type this. It’s a damn good mouse compared to all the other brands I’ve tried.

But by doing what I just mentioned above you just read a simple soft sell. It isn’t all in your face or I’m droning on about it. It’s just there.

Anytime someone clicks that link and makes a purchase, a percentage of that goes to you.

You’ve just earn yourself some $$ money.

Get creative with it. Just google ‘Affiliate programs’ and you’ll be on your way.

Pros: You don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping or any of that mess.

When someone buys, your work is done.

Cons: You only earn a  small percentage of a sale that get purchased through your links. And you don’t control when you get paid.

2: Sell your own products

This is a timeless means to making money. But you shouldn’t just sell anything.

You should sell something that isn’t out there.

Something original.

If you have a problem, you better believe you’re not the only one who has that same problem you’re having.

Find a way to solve your problem and if feasible, sell your solution for profit.


I saw there wasn’t a market for Gamecube skins.

I mean there were some you could buy off eBay but they had crappy designs no one wanted from the early 2000’s.

I also noticed there weren’t any websites anywhere from what I researched that offered a custom made Gamecube skin controller.

So Muffin Man and I sought to fulfill that gap in the market.

And here we are now.

Pros: You control where all your money goes and earn 100% of your sale. 

Cons: Shipping, Inventory, supplies.


Something that has been big recently is information.

People want to know how to do stuff.

You’re reading this right now in hopes to learn how to make money online, right?

That just proves that point even further.

People want to buy information. (I’m really big on how-to books myself.)

Some blogs I’ve seen online sell workout books, motivation books and business books.

But here’s the kicker. All the books they sell are eBooks. PDF files.

And they sell them from their blogs like hot cakes.

Think about it.

No inventory.

No shipping.

Just a simple download.

It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to the Pros and Cons.

I know what you’re thinking.

“An eBook sounds like a lot of work though. wouldn’t it be easier to sell a physical product or just advertise affiliate links better?”

You can’t harvest the field if you haven’t planted anything. Of course it’s going to be a lot of work.

But you’re also forgetting once you complete the book, the work is done!

Sweat Equity.

That’s it. Let the book sell itself.

No shipping, no inventory, no fees, no nothing.

100% profit.

There are more ways to make money as well but I feel like this was a good start to get some thoughts flowing.

I plan to do part two soon and I’ll do a post on how to start a blog on your own.