How I Lost 11 lbs in 4 Days

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Well, I decided last Tuesday (March 21) I was going to shape up.

I was going to lose some weight but how? Conventional methods really weren’t cutting it for me.

Everyone tells you to keep eating little meals through out the day. But why does eating more mean you’ll lose weight? That’s where the logic clashed with me.

Why the hell would I eat more to lose weight? That would be like cutting my hair every week to make it grow longer.

A counter argument would be like:

“Oh but Pert! you don’t understand! You need to keep fueling your metabolism or you’re gonna gain a ton of weight back!”

How does eating less make you pack on pounds? From all the calories I got from breathing?

I’ve always hear about intermittent fasting, so I decided to give it a go and try it out last Tuesday. I ate nothing on Tuesday until later that evening around 7pm.

And you know what?

I didn’t feel like shit all day. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sleepy, I didn’t lose focus at work. (No 2pm lunch crash) In fact I felt the opposite. I had much more focus after lunch than I did when I was eating toast for breakfast and 6 inch subs for lunch everyday.

I’m not eating breakfast now but skipping lunch altogether cold turkey wasn’t the best idea. I had to have a small amount of something. I had the shakes by the time 7pm came around. (I went from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner to just eating dinner.

My body was shocked at the fact I declined it’s typical carb overload.)

So I started taking only 2-3 boiled eggs for lunch.

No carbs, no sugar, no BS. Just straight up protein.

And I’ve never felt better.

For dinner I would eat primarily meats/proteins for the most part, but I didn’t deny myself some carbs. And instead of getting that sluggish 2pm feeling at 2pm, I would get it just in time for bed. even though I ate maybe a plate of veggie noodle spaghetti for dinner, or some side onions and bread, the carbs from those meals helped me fall asleep easier.

When I started this on Tuesday, I weighed 315.

This morning (5:30am) I weigh 304.

So what does that tell you? I’m shocked that it’s actually working.

I’ll do another update on this post in another week soon.

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