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Blog #1 – Sonic the Hedgehog

(Note: If you’re looking for perfect writing, go read an academic essay because you won’t find it here!)

Hello friends.

I would like to take you back to a time that was a little after the birth of the internet. Back when a lot of people my age didn’t know anything about it. Remember when landlines were the primary way of getting a phone call? You were either home to answer it, or you weren’t. Yes, it was a simpler time.. No cell phones, no WiFi, nor anything internet related.

(Do you guys remember when Sega and Nintendo were at each other’s throats? I bet you didn’t think Nintendo would go on to later acquire Sega. Clearly Nintendo won.)

One of my most vivid early memories as a small child was looking at the video game box art of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. I stared long and hard at that video game box. My eyes scanned the hell out of the back as well. At some point I was completely lost in the moment. I couldn’t believe that was holding it for the first time.

“Holy shit, is this real?” my three-year old mind thought. 

(I yearn to relive the day of tearing off the plastic wrap off a Sega Genesis cartridge box. That delicious new plastic smell of a cartridge when you finally open the box.. mmm..)

I don’t really remember all the details of how I actually had a copy of the game, but it was now in my hands.For all I know it might have been a joint Christmas gift for my brother and I. I don’t recall. 

 But I do remember sitting in a shopping basket with my brother back when we were really little kids. (3 or 4 something)  Inside of either a Sears or Circuit city.

We were moving along, and then BOOM. There it is. A Sega Genesis display box sitting triumphantly on the corner of a glass counter top. And on the other corner, there was the back of the display box of the Sega Genesis, showing off what looked liked to be hundreds of Sega games in my child mind.

(It was probably only 24 titles.)

My child sized brain exploded.

So as all 3 something year olds get when they see something they want, I’m guilty of being a little shit over a damn Sega Genesis. But my mom didn’t put up with my shit. I probably don’t remember, but I’m sure I got my ass beat. Oh well.. I guess when that Christmas came around that year

A Sega Genesis was in our presence.

Well.. To be completely honest with you, I don’t remember how or when the Genesis showed up at all. All I remember is one day I was just playing a game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The very first time I played, Green Hill Zone was revolutionary. I thought it was a cartoon I could control. An interactive cartoon. All the enemy robots (or badniks, if you wanna be that guy.) were the coolest shit I’d ever seen. A mother fucking red beetle on wheels. A flying grey wasp that looked like an ant that shit sunlight bullets at you. Those jumping robotic fish that leaped 10 ft into the air with the razor teeth. A stupid ass crab that always got into the fucking way that ejaculated yellow coals from it’s claws.  And to top it all off, that weird ass gecko thing would come and go where no one could really attack it.

But what stuck with me the most was the very first boss fight. Dr. Robotnik in his flying hover car thing with a fucking big ass bronze wrecking ball that would swing from a very stiff white chain that looked like they were made of tightly twisted paper. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen at the time.

I really feel like a lot of people take the graphics for granted when you look at it in today’s time… but as a kid, however, before all the 3D videos games and hi def visuals we have now,

there was something really magical about looking at a 16-bit anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with red-white striped magic running sneakers fighting a fat ginger man with a mustache, who was also bald and probably Russian as fuck. My imagination ran wild with all the colors and pixels, they were so visually stimulating. Especially at the age of 3.

(Let’s take a short break here and go off on a tangent.)

So Sonic’s color pallet is red, white, and blue (You can run Sanic, but THESE COLORS DON’T! MERICA!’)

The name ‘Ivo Robotnik’ sounds pretty damn Russian to me… don’t you think…? Oh shit..

You think the reason why they call him Eggman now is used to hide the fact that ‘Ivo Robotnik’ sounds Russian descent? He conveniently is shaped like an egg in the next games… but in the original game art, Robotnik isn’t egg-shaped… I don’t think he is at least.)

Needless to say my first go at fight Robotnik failed miserably.

But I was hooked. I’m proud to say that Good Ole Sanic was the very first video game I’ve ever played.

I would play for hours.. And hours..


Welp! I intend to share more video game memories with you guys from here on out. So yeah. is opening up a new blog and you just read it’s first post.


Be sure to be on the look out for more memories from here on out.

Maybe I might do one on the original Gameboy.

Until next time.

Your friend,

Mr. Pert.

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