Exclusive Artist: Punksthetic – Commission Request Form

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Exclusive Artist: Punksthetic – Commission Request Form

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Full Charge(s) for Commission: Of any (1) graphic commission work for any controller OR other/personal.
--$60.00 for Center Gamecube Graphic Skin
--$65.00 for Full Gamecube Graphic Skin
--$65.00 for Wii U Pro Graphic Skin
--$65.00 for PS3/PS4 Graphic Skin
--$65.00 for XboxOne Graphic Skin
Down Payment for Commission: $30.00 USD
(Down payment is required upon submission of this form.)

Punksthetic’s Commission Guidelines:
Characters: 1 or 2 characters (possibly more depending on complexity)
Detail Level: Lineart, Colored, Flat Shading/Highlights
Background: Simplistic background (gradients, light trails, fractals, etc.)

Graphic commission for any controller OR other/personal. Down payment is required before sketch. Once commissioned skin is approved by customer, the remaining cost of commission charge will be required to pay via PayPal to artist for the completed graphic work.

NOTE: Commission down payment & commission rates will be paid to the artist DIRECTLY.

--Controller Graphic Skin Purchasing--
IF your commission is for a controller graphic skin, you will be billed SEPARATELY via invoice from MuffinBros Graphics to pay for your graphic skin once the commission is completed. The product price of the graphic skin will be that of the general cost of that type. Artist commission payment & controller skin product payments are TWO (2) SEPARATE transactions and will be handled as stated above.

All Powered by PayPal.

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If you have a single or set of reference images to provide, please send them my way after you submit your commission request!

Email me at: jrstoneart@gmail.com

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About the Artist:

Punksthetic – Exclusive Artist

Specialization: Steampunk Art Style & Heavy Line-Style

Currently building a portfolio to be a Concept Artist for games! T-shirt Artist. Writer. Steampunk. Storyteller. Movie Buff. Lover of Bagels & Iced Coffee.