Donations for Hurricane recovery

Hello everyone, 

This is Pete, AKA (Mr. Pert) 

I'm one of the original founders of MuffinBros Graphics. 

As you all may already know Houston was hit with extremely heavy flooding from hurricane Harvey.

With that, you already know where I'm going with this:

MuffinBros Graphics' physical location was hit by the heavy flooding. 

That is also my home.

The floors aren't doing well either.. 

I'm currently staying with family with whatever belongings we were able to rescue. Needless to say we lost a lot. 

I'm a husband and a father of a three year old.

I've spent the past year renovating this house. Paid off back taxes on this house as well. I poured any extra money I had into this home. New flooring, sheetrock, light fixtures. Even new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Maybe up to about a month ago before the flood hit, renovations on this house we're almost done. I just needed to add some more Sheetrock and patch up some more spots. A year long journey was almost over. 

..Harvey had different intentions. 



Although MuffinBros was flooded, we're going to start a donation charity event to help anyone that has been affected by this disaster. I know there are people out there that were hit so much harder than we were that could use all the help they can get. 

More info on this soon.