Donation Page – Graphics for a Cause

This donation page is solely for the purposes in raising donations for the C. E. King Middle School Band Program. The fine arts are an important foundation here in the state of Texas and where catastrophic events of Hurricane Harvey have decimated the lives of many here in Houston, the same can be seen for a passionate band director and all of her students.

Hurricane Harvey did more than flooding the entire school area, it also destroyed several hundreds of student's instruments in the process. Instruments that cost from a range of $3,000 to $12,000, with students mainly renting said instruments through the band program and/or other sources.

With the lives of many band students forced out of their homes and out of their normal school environment, the band students continue to turn to their faithful band director and strive to continue their passion for music. After recovering from #HurricaneHarvey, MuffinBros Graphics will be doing all that we can to help our local community restore what was lost with this charitable cause. ALL donations received will be given to the band program to place faith into each student's life and their passion for the fine arts.

Donate any amount below to help the C. E. King Middle School Band Program restore what was lost!