Limited Edition Artist Program: Introduction


Are you a talented, digital artist? Want to show off your works on our skin products and earn commission for each sale? Well you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! Here at MuffinBros Graphics, we strive to rise to the challenge of bringing fresh variety to our array of controller graphic skin products for all to enjoy.

Aside from our Exclusive Artist program, we've designed a new program to continue our efforts to bring variety in a new way. With our Limited Edition Artist Program, one artist will be selected for each month and will have their graphic artworks featured on our skin products for an entire month!

MuffinBros Artist Qualification Guidelines:

  • Must have original artwork style/technique.
  • Must have parodied/referenced content from popular video game/comic/anime/etc. series.
  • Must be the original artist of all graphic artwork content.

ATTENTION: Altered, enhanced, or stolen artwork of any kind will NOT be accepted. Termination of submission form will be declined indefinitely.

If you meet our stated guidelines above, then please fill out the contact form below!

Limited Edition Artist Program - Contact Form - MuffinBros Graphics

Provide first and last name.
Primary email for contact.
Enter your artist alias name.
Provide a brief summary of your artist experience and focus.
Please describe the unique and original art style(s) you specialize in.
Please describe the type of content you focus in.
Please provide us the URL to your social media and/or artist website page(s) so that we may briefly view you and your artwork content!
Question is in respects to content audience pertaining to parody works of popular content of entertainment purposes.
Please inform us by selecting on of the answers below.

After Contact Form Submission:

Upon submission of this form, please gather your artist portfolio URL page or PDF document so we may review your content and artist ability to consider you for our "Limited Edition" program! You will email your content when we contact you back! If accepted, further explanation about our process, commission rate, and contract review will be provided. Good luck!

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