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Reflecting & Baking Forward

Here's to a new year with 2018 and with a new section to our site at that! The past two years have been a rollercoaster of success, failure, commitments, and the continuous effort that we bring with the brand that we've built from the bottom up.

  With this new year at our doorstep, both Pete and I felt that we should bring something more "personal" to our site than just some muffin-obsessed webstore. We'll do our best to highlight our beginnings, ventures, and everything else up until the end of the 2017 year but for now, a brief reflection of this past year!

  At the start of 2017 we received a huge amount of notice in what we do best. Not only with the current set of artists we've contacted and began to work with but also with the quality of work that we do with our controller skins. Jacqueline Choe, known as Jisu of JisuArt beforehand, was our number one artist that helped our young muffin-obsessed platform receive the business AND notice with our specialty. Her character-by-character artworks could not be missed by any nintendo fan, competitive or not!

  Another artist that shared the top spot was our first Limited Edition artist, followed up as the newest addition to our Exclusive artist section, was Justinwharton! Justin here joined us near the end of the 2016 year, who allowed us to bring his reputable VaporWave Art to our controller skins. The amount of recognition and sales we received with him was truly extraordinary.

  What's another artist that comes to mind you ask? Well the recognition light needs to be casted onto Eric Y Huang, an added Limited Edition artist back in March 2017! His unique take on painting designs and background artistry, Eric here continued to show potential with a handful of his works and that's not all! By the end of the summer of 2017 I had the pleasure and honor to talk to Dan Fornance, the creator and head developer of Rivals of Aether! This formed a new partnership and commission opportunities for Eric's talent to grow, developing graphics of the first four Rivals of Aether characters for our controller skins [and posters]!

  That's right! By the start of the fall season, we got our hands on a high-end poster printer to handle HD printing for a new line-up of poster products for MuffinBros. Though this was a highly positive addition to our equipment setup, a devastating event appeared and approached the Gulf Coast and almost took everything away. Pete's family lost their entire home due to the high flood waters Houston received. My apartment area was safe, but they were not as fortunate. The day before the storm hit, we took a cautionary action to place everything MuffinBros related on our vending tables in our office... and what a safe call it was. With Pete's home in complete ruin, we evacuated MuffinBros to my apartment room in order to keep the business continuing with what we had cultivated thus far. Pete has his whole, own venture to explain about his experience with Hurricane Harvey but I'll leave that up to him to share when he gets the chance. His home is currently being fixed by his own two hands, along with his wife and others lending the assist where we can. It was a trial but the will to continue is strong within him and I could not have asked for a better business partner and best friend!

  What else is there? Well besides a Muffintastic holiday season, we're packing up our bags and equipment to vend for Genesis 5 in NorCal this month! Why is this exciting you ask? Well this will be our first-time outside of the state of Texas, and for a HUGE national tournament at that! We'll also be bringing our sponsored player MB | Whispy to the national tournament to compete in Wii U singles and Wii U doubles with Karna, another fellow Texas professional smash competitor!

That's all for now! Here's to our start to a new, monthly blog section about us, the MuffinBros!
Muffintastic regards,
-Scott (Muffin_Man)