About Us

 We're stationed in Houston, TX! MuffinBros Graphics was baked together by three Muffintastic individuals and you can get to know us here!


Mr. Pete: Co Founder & Production Administrator

Hello, I'm Mr. Pete.

I'm the guy behind the production area of MuffinBros Graphics. I'm a father, engaged to an amazing woman, and I work... a lot. So that leaves me with hardly any time to do much. BUT! I find time to get some things done.

I've been a graphic designer for 6+ years and have my Bachelor's degree in media arts and animation. But due to life being life, going through a job blunder, I'm currently working at a steel manufacturing company, beveling plates to support my family. But for the longest time I have had this thriving drive to start up business for a long while and now I am really hoping that Muffin Bros. can be my dream to be.

I've played smash since I was 9 when the original N64 smash came out and 15 years later I'm still going strong into the smash game. I'm so excited to be a part of this venture. I'm fully intend to make the Muffin Bros. into the best thing the Houston smash scene has ever seen and the entire gaming community in general. Here's to a new start in my life and I hope to see this become something everyone will enjoy!
-Mr. Pete
Email: muffinbrosgraphics@gmail.com 

Dalton: Co-Founder and Graphics & Product Management

Dalton spends his time speaking in third person, making lists, and using Oxford commas. When he’s not doing what’s listed above, sometimes he can be seen digitally creating graphics. Dalton is always open to commissions, because thinking of something is always the hardest part.
Email: Daltonmbgraphics@gmail.com

Muffin_Man: Co Founder & Network Coordinator

Since after my graduation in Fall '14, of my bachelors degree in Music Education, I wanted to pursue a hobby that could fill the gaps of the long, empty months of Spring 2015. By diving head first into the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros. Wii U I quickly observed the poor working conditions of Gamecube controllers owned by community members. Soon after I underwent constant research and practices for repair solutions to see what I could, potentially, manage on my own. After one week, I instantly became recognized for my ability to repair damaged Gamecube controllers. The service I dedicated to the community was based solely on "donations" but quickly became a needed service for the community. MuffinBros quickly became more than just for repair as we dived right into the ever-growing request of providing controller graphics. And now, here we are!

Stay Muffintastic!
Email: Muffinmanmbgraphics@gmail.com

We are the MuffinBros Staff!