About Us

 We're stationed in Houston, TX! You can get to know the MuffinBros here!


Mr. Pete: Co Owner and Administrator

Hello, I'm Mr. Pete.

I'm the guy behind the production area of MuffinBros Graphics. 

I've been a graphic designer for 8+ years and have my Bachelor's degree in media arts and animation.  For the longest time I have had this thriving drive to start up business for a long while and now I am really hoping that Muffin Bros. can be my dream to be.

I've played smash since I was 9 when the original N64 smash came out and 15 years later I'm still going strong into the smash game. I'm excited to be a part of this venture. I fully intend to make Muffin Bros. into the best thing the Houston smash scene has ever seen and the entire gaming community in general. 
-Mr. Pert
Email: petemuffinbros@gmail.com 

Muffin_Man: Co Founder & Network Coordinator

Since after my graduation in Fall '14, of my bachelors degree in Music Education, I wanted to pursue a hobby that could fill the gaps of the long, empty months of Spring 2015. By diving head first into the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros. Wii U I quickly observed the poor working conditions of Gamecube controllers owned by community members. Soon after I underwent constant research and practices for repair solutions to see what I could, potentially, manage on my own. After one week, I instantly became recognized for my ability to repair damaged Gamecube controllers. The service I dedicated to the community was based solely on "donations" but quickly became a needed service for the community. MuffinBros quickly became more than just for repair as we dived right into the ever-growing request of providing controller graphics. And now, here we are!

Stay Muffintastic!
Email: Muffinmanmbgraphics@gmail.com

We are the MuffinBros Staff!