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Azure – Exclusive Artist

My earliest memory of picking up a pencil to draw was in kindergarten. It was the mid 90’s and Pokemon was all the rage and so I would sit in class drawing those adorable pocket monsters. As I grew up I started getting into anime and western comic books. These are the two mediums that inspired me to become a professional artist. I have won minor online contests and I’ve contributed a program book cover to my city’s local anime convention and I was included in Capcom’s Fighting Tribute art book just recently. I am excited to be an exclusive artist with Muffinbros and I look forward to what the future has to bring.

Specialization: Digital Color Commission & Graphic Skins

Dalton – Exclusive Artist

Dalton spends his time speaking in third person, making lists, and using Oxford commas. When he’s not doing what’s listed above, sometimes he can be seen digitally creating graphics. Dalton is always open to commissions, because thinking of something is always the hardest part.

Have an Art Commission Request? I specialize in Logo Design! $125.00 is the full rate for an original work (Time and development).
Down payment of $25.00 to get started (we can dissucss the rate if you have your own created design.)

Specialization: Logo and Graphic Skin Design

DreddStar – Exclusive Artist

I'm a digital artist based in Chicago. Always been a fan of animation and comics. Didn't really pick up drawing seriously until two years ago and it's been quite an experience for me. On top of drawing, I also like to play competitive Smash Bros., and go to tourneys whenever I can get time. Doing both hobbies has led to a lot of cool opportunities for me, and I hope more come later down the road!

Commission rate for ANY graphic skin type: $45.00 USD

Specialization: Full color digital-drawn graphic work & Profile Icon works

MangoHero – Exclusive Artist

Hi everyone, I'm MangoHero. I’ve got a lot of experience with digital art and have experimented in many different styles. I can work with cell-shading, paint, animation, and pixel work. A lot of my inspirations include video games, anime, comic books, and good coffee.

Follow me on twitter: @Mando7103

Specialization: Paint-style Commission & Graphic Skins

Punksthetic – Exclusive Artist

Currently building a portfolio to be a Concept Artist for games! T-shirt Artist. Writer. Steampunk. Storyteller. Movie Buff. Lover of Bagels & Iced Coffee.

1 to 2 full color characters
Black Lineart
Flat Shading/Highlights
No backgrounds (or very simple)

Specialization: Steampunk Art Style & Heavy Line-Style

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